Black Friday/Cyber Monday LotRO Deals!!


HUGE sales for this pre-holiday rush!!  I've not seen 85% off before in the Market, usually its 75% off.  If you've been thinking about buying these expansions for any reason this would be a perfect time!  There is some other stuff too - such as Mordor, the HIgh Elf, and additional shared storage being now available via the in-game store.

Direct from the LotRO Beacon:

Holiday Sales!

  • NOW AVAILABLE: Mordor expansion and High elf!
    • Find the Mordor expansion and the new High elf race in the LOTRO Store in-game!
    • More Shared Bank storage is now available! Find three more Shared Bank offerings and one new Bank Upgrade in the LOTRO Store!
  • Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 23rd through November 27th): 
    • 75% off Virtue Bundles‚Äč
    • 50% off Complete Crafting Tiers
    • 50% off select Housing Sets
  • In the LOTRO Market:
    • 85% off Helms Deep, Riders of Rohan, and Rise of Isengard expansions!
  • Double Bonus Points! Now through November 27th!
  • Relive Your Favorite Chapters! Get 30% off:
    • All Valars and Valar Upgrades!
    • Third Age Item Troves
    • Legacy Scroll Boxes
    • Now through November 30th!
    • In Addition:
    • LOTRO Bonus Days bring you a 25% Crafting Boost, now through November 26th!
    • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free Enhanced XP Supply x1 with the Coupon Code XPFORME, now through November 30th!

Here is a link to the Market (US version as that is where I am) - remember there you pay cash and have a code emailed to you.  Which is great if you are buying the expansions for a secondary account or a friend!  Note that the Quad pack at this time is NOT on sale, but the individual expansions are.  (Subject to change as always - lol)

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