Update 22 - first Bullroarer preview weekend


Well, after visiting Bullroarer this weekend I cannot wait until the new release!  The world building is absolutely stunning - just wow.  The update will include quite a few things and not just the new lands.  Little things like being able to deconstruct stack of legendary relics.  One thing that may negatively effect current raiders is they are implementing a cool down on trait line swapping - which is something I know minstrels do quite often now in harder raiding.  Time will tell whether or not that stays or is altered in any way. They also appear to be continuing work on avatars, so hopefully my human female main will not always look like a haunted child :P

I posted about 22 photos in an album on our facebook page.  I'm going to link that here are the forums are funny about photos (although I did add one as a teaser *wink*).  Even if you don't have or use facebook you should still be able to view the photo album.


I'll also link to the current update release notes - but please realize this is pretty preliminary and some of this stuff could change.


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