Welcome to the Blade Reforged Forums!


Hello Reforgers! 

Welcome to BRF (Blade Reforged Forums).

My name is Larth. Many of you know me in different ways and from different backgrounds. I am proud to hold in my hand the heart and soul of the forums. But I cannot hold it alone my friends. You are very welcome to join me in any announcements you have also. Events and kin mails will also be posted here which you may comment on, post pictures of your adventures and so much more you cannot do in Lotro.

Also I will probably do some work for the website too. We paint the foundation of one of many things to come in the kin's future.

Come help us plan it. Let me and fellow officers know what you would like to see on the BF site and in the Kin. We appreciate your ideas and treat them as our own.

A warm welcome to many new Reforgers (and many alts too) which is also great to see! 

Websites, Voice Chat, Events, Promotions, Opinions, Friendships are all desirable in a kin. Please take advantage of these in the kin. Some do not come cheaply. They are there for us to help on many occasions in Lotro and have fun.


Keep a lookout for future announcements in the forums. Blink and you'll miss it! 

--------> Never feel you are bad at the game. Let us help you understand, even the best have questions. We've all gone through this phase, and if you keep levelling up you may one day be teaching us, I can almost guarantee! 

See you in game and all the best,



Looking forward to an active forum!

Thanks for your efforts Larthy :)

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