Bullroarer U22.2 - Testing the upcoming class balancing


Hey folks!  SSG is starting testing on the upcoming class balances on the Bullroarer test server.  Here are a couple of important links if you are interested in reading about how this may affect your class or even help by testing on Bullroarer!


Here is a link to the current BR release notes:


And here is a link to how to set up Bullroarer - remember this is pretty much a completely NEW installation of game date and NOT related at all to the game data you currently have installed.  You can however COPY your current character (at no cost) to Bullroarer for testing purposes.  Now here is the actual link for infomation:


And last but not least, if you do some testing and have some input in this please see this thread to easily find the official forum threads about the current classes:


Happy testing!  ~Anmo

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 Lots there to consider. Most seem to make sense. I haven't been on Bullroarer since the Edoras phase was launched. Might be time to pick it up again...

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I really just dont have time for bullroarer xD.
I'll just see it when it comes out :p



I am not very happy about the hunter changes. The 20 sec cooldown of barrage is messing greatly with my rotation. I guess I will have to pick up another skill during that cooldown meaning my dps goes down. I am very excited to see the "survival tools" of the blue line but I don't have any high hopes to tell you the truth.

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