Update 23 - First Bullroarer Preview


Hello again folks!  I was able to spend some time on Bullroarer this past Friday before they took it down, and I spend that time looking around at the update that is currently being tested there - The Iron Hills and Grey Mountains!  This is one for all of you who love dwarves :)

The actual BR release notes are found here, but for those of you who just want the short version - here is my take:

- Erebor has been expanded!  You no longer go directly from the throne room to the entrance, there is now mines, living space, and then some in between.  And you can get lost (as I did!) with all the various levels in there.  Here is the current (unpolished) map of Erebor interior.

- You can now explore and quest in the Iron Hills (to the east) and the Grey Mountains (to the north) of the current Northern Kingdoms zone.  The quests first take you to the Iron Hills so that was the area I explored a bit.  I did not make it into the Grey Mountain - but I will the next time BR is up! Here is an image of the main dwarf city there where Nain holds court in the Iron Hills.  I always seem to be on BR at night...

- The level cap will increase to 120, with of course all new gears, items, and sundry to be obtained.

- There is a new crafting tier!  We will now have access to the Ironfold crafting tier, sadly I did not have time to explore much of this - but I will try to in future BR releases.

- They are continuing class work and balancing of stats overall.  There are some class specific updates and some that affect all classes.

- The hobbit avatar update is being actively worked on and previewed.  Again I did not have time to check out these current changes, but hopefully in future BR releases I will.

- And many many more things (bug-fixes, UI adjustments, etc) - but those highlighted above are the main things.

I will have more info on the currently unexplored-by-me bits the next time they open Bullroarer!


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